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The ultimate in compression and archive management. Compress files by up to 98% of their original size. StuffIt's advanced MP3, PDF and Image compression enhancements that saves more space than ever before.

StuffIt Expander easily expands and decodes all those files you download from the Web or receive in your email. It quickly accesses StuffIt files, unzips zip files created by WinZip® and other zip utilities, plus decompresses tar, gzip and bzip files for Unix users. Just drag, drop, and you're done! Expander works seamlessly with Web browsers such as Internet Explorer™ and Netscape™. From BinHex to zip, StuffIt to MIME, Expander accesses more formats, in less time, with zero hassles! NOTE: * Expander is only available as part of the StuffIt Standard Trial download package.

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